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There's no credit where credit is due / It cost me ten dollars! O_O

Oooh, Thomas Dolby's new CD is out today!

Live versions of his older work. Many of my personal favourites. Nothing "new," but the arrangements and samples are different.

I'd love to get the autographed version, but simply don't have the money to spend on that right now.*

I'll pick up a regular CD tonight, though, when I have my wallet nearby.

<3 Thomas Dolby. The mp3 previews on CD Baby are low-quality, but his voice sounds better than ever.

He's playing with BT at the House of Blues in Orlando on a Saturday next month... maybe I'll go :)

* $10 extra for five seconds' work? Egads, Thomas. Well, I suppose you deserve it, and you should put a premium on your autograph if you want it to hold value. But still. $200/hour signing CDs? Nice work if you can get it :)

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