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Icefishing for condiments

I've a knack for software
a knack for games
a knack for differences
a knack for sames
a knack for cooking
and for mixing a drink
a knack for love
(we all do, I think)
a knack for excellence
and a knack for blunders...
(in case anyone wondered)

Evidently, I don't have a knack for constructing a proper rhyme-scheme, either.

Small people shouldn't have to shovel. Especially on those days when two feet of snow has been compacted by an additional two feet of snow, which has fallen from a height of over twenty feet. I mean, there's really little point to this endeavor, (unless you're an onlooker, in which case, you might get a chuckle out of it.)

I will make that a law, should I be elected.

I'm now covered in snow (why, yes, it was awfully bright of me to take off the gortex coat once things started heating up!). I'm cold, damp and utterly exhausted from shot-putting enormous, compacted, hard, nasty chunks of Stuff that was Once Snow.

I need to get changed into warm, dry things... I'm supposed to be at an audition in five minutes.

However, stuffed salmon calls.

Do you hear it? "Woowoowoowoowoo...." (It's saying "eat me," in salmonese).

Even some distance from where it sits confined in the toaster oven, I cannot resist its call. Woowoowoowoowoo...

OK... I called the theatre. Auditions are officially on. I'm officially off and on my way after I fulfill the salmon's last wishes. (Soon, soon, my preeeeeeetty salmon...)

And yes, I'm going to auditions with Horrid Fishbreath. (Act like you like me!! ACT, I say!!)

So... are you having fun yet?

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