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Not technically holy vessels

Hoorah-- I think I found my Holy Grail!

Looks to be a decent tri-ply set with nearly everything I want-- a saucier,* a saute pan, two skillets, two saucepans and a supersweet 11-quart** stockpot, and a universal steamer. And get this-- all for under $150***.

The money I've saved (I don't want to spend more than $200) can be put toward a roasting pan, a dutch oven or a nice 5-quart casserole.

Sitram is better known for its high-end copper clad pans-- heck, one of their cassaroles alone costs more than this entire set! I'm amazed at how rock-bottom priced this set is.

I just need something to get me through the next couple of years, and this (not really) low-end set from a high-end company certainly seems to fit the bill perfectly. I'll save the all-clad or the farberware for the wedding registry.


* Ok, they call it a "chef's pan," but it looks an awful lot like a round-bottomed saucier to me.
** Holy smokes-- most sets come with a 6-quart, which is more like a casserole pan than a real stockpot, if you ask me.
*** Surprisingly, it's actually cheaper on Amazon-- $9.95 for shipping vs. $16.95. But the linky page has the descriptions. ADDENDUM: SCORE! $8 shipping through Amazon!
**** YAY!

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