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For love and money

This morning's song in my head when I woke up: New Pornographers - Use it.

Zack's mom just moved out into her new place-- transitional housing a few miles away. She won't get food stamps 'til next week, so I packed up box after box of food from our pantry, extra bedding, cleaning supplies, pots & pans, etc., to send her on her way. Even printed out some photos of her and us, a family collage for her fridge.

She had been with us just over one month.*

What a long, strange trip it's been. I hope she's OK in her new place.

Paul and I shall now resume breathing.

Photo of Zack's mom with Gracie

I'm buying a webcam so that I can record small video segments for a project I'm doing at work. My old 3com vicam is performing poorly, and besides, I need synced audio.

Seems to me that this is the best option:
photo of logitech fusion webcam

Though this one is really QUITE teh sehksay:
photo of logitech ultravision webcam

Truth be told, I like the second one better (ooh, happy glass lens!)... but am concerned about reports of its being a resources hog. My comp is getting older; I'm already getting a USB 2.0 PCI card just to be able to use the Fusion. Plus, the Fusion's pretty cheap right now.

If you know anything about these cams, I'd love to hear about it :)

In the personal arena, I'm also considering buying some "real" cookware. All my pots and pans are hand-me-downs from my mom.

I'd ideally love a set of all-clad, but don't want to spend the big bucks. So, what I'm looking for is stainless steel, preferably tri-ply up the sides, but I'd settle for something with a good core.**

Overstock.com has a nice set of tri-ply from a relatively unknown manufacturer here:
photo of Lauren Creek cookware

Meanwhile, Amazon has a nice couple of sets of Cuisinart Classic Stainless at good prices:
photo of Cuisinart cookware photo of Cuisinart cookware

The 10-piece is comparable in size (more or less) to the Laurel Creek set. I want the 14-piece set, but it's more than I wanted to spend.

The Laurel Creek is gorgeous, but kinda small. I dunno.

I just need stuff I can cook on, yo.

If you have any helpful advice on this subject, that, too, would be appreciated.

OK, enough of my indecisive consumerism for today. I haven't forgotten about the groceries entry; I just haven't gotten around to scanning a couple things yet. It's coming :)

And sorry for all the photos, dial-up folk. I tried to keep 'em small!

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

* I was initially apprehensive, but quickly became OK with the situation.
** You see, stainless is a great surface to cook on, but it doesn't conduct heat particularly well. To get around this unfortunate fact, many cookware manufacturers sandwich a layer of heat-conducting aluminum between layers of stainless steel, or use a core of aluminum on the bottom of the pan.
*** heads down thumbs up; two sips from the cup of human kindness and im shit-faced; just laid to waste

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