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I love acting. It is so much more real than life. --Oscar Wilde

Woot-- I JUST discovered that I've been cast in a local TV drama! It's called Santa Rules, and it's being produced by a faculty member at UF. T'wasn't the role I desired, but I'm quite happy, nonetheless :)

Actually, having a smaller role means I can audition without worry for the play the local community theatre's doing: Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman, which I'm dying to do. It's an ensemble cast retelling of Ovid's transformation myths, set around and in a large pool of water.

I decided this weekend that I was going to pursue acting more vigorously, and I'm already seeing a payoff! Next up-- creating a voice over tape and getting a "real" headshot. Then I can build my website. Maybe hook up with casting-america.com or something like it. I sure could use some help tweaking my resume.

Anywho, so far, it's a good day, and a busy one, too. In addition to work-work, Paul and I applied for (more, in his case) life insurance and decided on a plan to pay off another credit card this month, then he packed up his laptop to send back to Apple for repairs/replacement, and I packed up my license plates to get the form I need to register my car here in Florida (yes, two years later!).

Best get back to the stuff I get paid to do. Hope you're having a good day, too!

Later today or tomorrow, I'll tell you how I managed to save $158 on groceries over the last two weeks.

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