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Almost-real entry-- now with 500% more cursing!

Note: My boss is insane.A

OK. That said...

Am cleaning. Is good. Didn't get nearly as far with it the other day as I had hoped. My goal has gone from doing this thing, that thing, and the other thing, to just making forward progress as best I can. So far so good.

Notes to self:
Stop staying up 'til 1a when you know damned well you have to get up at 7a.B
No more buying schtuff on ebay.C At your current Rate of Acquisition, you'll be homeless and begging for handouts by the Fall.
Pay your bills. And send that check to the blue doc martens chick.D
If you don't use something for over a year, get the fuck rid of it. Unless it's worth your time to auction it, have no regrets giving it to goodwill or tossing the damn thing.E
Buy fresh food every week. Cook it. Eat it. Maybe even brownbag lunch it once in awhile. Oh, and use your crockpot and mixer.F
Go stretch now. ::does so::G
Find some way to exercise at least a couple times a week.H
Quit smoking, or at least listen to the hypnosis tape (which will likely have the same effect) by Wednesday (tomorrow, chickie!).I You're addicted again.
Start auctioning your mom's junk immediately upon your return from vacation (unless you think you can get a few things out before you go).
Stop overloading yourself with goals, thus ensuring that you meet none of them ; )

Favourite Frangible Lyric of the Moment™:

My love and I,
we are boxing clever
...she'll never crowd me out
FallJ be free as old confetti
And paint the town, paint the town

Prefab Sprout; When Love Breaks Down

Achy song. I really like (not like) the confetti simile.

No animals were harmed in the making of this entry. However...
a great many dishes got washed (as well as the silverware organizer, and the drawer it inhabited, both of which were ...icky)
body got stretched
various cds and psx games got put away
old-nonstick-pan-that-was-losing-its-nonstickityness-due-to-an-unfortunate-runin-with-a-very-wonderful-but-entirely-too-inebriated-hippie-chick-with-a-knife got TOSSED (happydance!)
box of kitchen schtuff from my mom's got dragged down from the atticL
"new" nonstick pan that I got from my mom's last summer got put to use
omletteM with red pepper, yellow squash, portobella mushroom, garlic and swiss got cooked and devoured
water got drunk (I didn't, though)

I'm supposed to go to a play audition (as opposed to a work audition?) tonight, but I don't think it's likely that it will be held. I haven't read it, yet, but think I might want to play the dog (as opposed to the ukelele?). No, really.

Eeps-- bossman just called. I'm outie. Maybe I can even unbury my car a bit before he gets here...

Oh, no! I left the house without mentioning two wonderful people's birthdaze!! Better late than never...

Happy Belated Birthday Axiem!!
Happy Birthday Teferi!!
*BIGHUGS* to you both : )

...back to work I go...

A 6" of fresh snow yesterday, and he insisted on driving me to work (my car only has 6" or so clearance, and I won't drive in this crap). TWO FEET today, and he still intends to do the same. ...once his driveway is cleared (heheheh). Did I mention he's in his 70s?
B If you see me up past 11p (tops) on AIM, ICQ, IRC, whatever... please thwap me with the large saltwater fish of your choice. Even if there's 2 feet of snow outside. (Because my boss is insane.)
C Check out my new shoes! I mean, bad ldy, bad.
D No, she's not sad (that I am aware).
E I rarely curse, except when I'm superovertired. (You got a fucking problem with that?) ; )
F Cooking for one sucks. Especially when the one eats as sparingly as I do. (I hardly eat at all; ask anyone I know. I'd say I eat like a bird, but have you ever watched a bird eat?) But eating easily-prepared nutrition-empty crap as an alternative to fresh food doesn't exactly help me. In any way.
G OK. Mm. Felt good. And now I REALLY WANT TO VACCUUM THIS FLOOR ; P Think I'll do that after picking up some of this stuff.
H You spend how much on that health club? And think of those poor unloved cross-country skis and ice skates gathering dust in your attic!
I But I don't wanna! (DOOOO ITTTTT anyway.)
J Oh. I think I liked it better when I thought it was "Fault." Still good, though.
K Uhm, OK. (I don't know what this footnote was supposed to refer to, I really don't.)
L Woohoo! Cool stuff to cook with!
M Ok, it more closely resembled scrambled eggs with stuff mixed in. On another note, this marked my first run-in with Emmental (EmMenTaL?) swiss, which is of a completely different texture than I'm used to. I found it tasty and particularly well-suited to cooking, though.

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