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Some days are lovely

It's been a really good day. :)

Parents visited!
Boy got home early for grandparental huggage
House got cleanificated
I'm wearing a cute skirt (ooh la la)
Got my Bunny Book!
Funny-looking knives came in

photos of very sharp knives
The packaging was pretty cool. And the knives are way sharp* :D A bit on the light and thin side, but that's OK :) The handles fit my hand perfectly. Sadly, it appears that the edge of the veggie knife where the coating meets the edge was dyed a little orange from the Beta Carotene, but I'll live with that.

photo of thinly sliced carrot
So sharp, I can cut carrots theeeeeeees thin.

photo of funny-looking cheesecake
Oh, and while I was going through photos, I found one of the first cheesecake I made for Z's birthday on the 10th. It obviously cracked because there was too much love inside ;)

I'm still busy as heck, but I've always got time for hugs! I promise to put the knife down, first.

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

* Oh, speaking of sharp, the box with my food processor attachments fell off the shelf today, and nearly took my finger off. I've no idea how I escaped with only a nick on my fingernail, but thank you, whoever's up there watching!
** Seriously, thanks

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