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This has been a rotten, no good, very bad day.

I woke up at 4am, fell back asleep, overslept, and have been fuzzy ever since.

I'm an emotional minefield and I physically feel like crapola.

I didn't get to the gym or to fedex.

I only got to make and eat lunch (at my desk) at 3:30 pm.

I've gotten no "real" work done.

I just helped our bestest employee fry the newest employee's computer*

I had to bother the CEO of the company on Yom Kippur to tell him this.

Oh, and of course, this habeas corpus thing: http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/1002/p01s02-usfp.html

On the more positive side...

scottobear and blackhellkat are getting weddedded! :D :D :D

Net worth (not including hard assets-- just credit cards and other debt vs. savings and IRAs) is finally back in the black and swinging on up!

I saved a bunch of money on car insurance! more on my grocery bill than ever before!**

Things seem to be working out between Paul and I!

I haven't killed anyone today yet!

So, despite my craptastic day, things could certainly be worse. I'm still using this icon, though, if only because I so rarely have occasion to use it!

* Is it really so terribly difficult to add a stick of RAM to a system? Evidently so.
** I do this thing called "the grocery game." This week, my receipt was $144.33, and I saved $37.39. I usually save about 20% of the adjusted bill with the grocery game, and around 10% without it. I'll write about it here sometime :)
*** I think a nice cold glass of wine is in my immediate future.

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