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Good Eaty

Dear Everybody Who Has Mentioned Alton Brown to Me Over the Years (all of you!),

THANK YOU. I finally watched three five episodes tonight.

I've found my long-lost cooking twin. Better late than never, right?


PS-- If only I could get my DVR to record both the repeats at 7:00 daily AND the new ones at 10:00 on Wednesdays-- and not any others. Alas, it's all or nothing.
PPS-- He's featured on my Wishlist now.
PPPS-- There's a guy in a giant okra costume on tonight's show. How could that not make me all swoony?
PPPPS-- My Inner Gemini is laughing at my poll, and not feeling quite so silly about my indecision-fueld Inner Spat-- the count is currently 9 to 9 :)

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