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No lid, no experiment, Mr. Shrodinger

I keep meaning to post photos of my cat, Max, in his favourite sleeping spot. It took corto talking about his cat for me to finally dig 'em out and upload 'em!

So anyway, Max loves boxes. But even more than boxes, Max loves box lids. He especially enjoys those general office-sized ones--they're just the right size for a Fatty McFatterson catbutt like his.

But his favourite, his absolute favourite place to sleep, though, is in the way-too-small lid from a box of hanging file folders.

The box of file folders sits on the floor. I dare not retrieve the top.

Maxman is the zennest cat I've ever met. He is always so happy being just where he is. I'd not be surprised to learn that he's a true reincarnation of Buddha.

I could still learn a few things from him, for certain.

I don't think sleeping in too-small boxes is one of them. But who can say?

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