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OMG, I just bought this.

Here's the really really weird part... nobody online had it in blue (I was going to try to find one locally).

I specifically checked Amazon for one before I left the house to go food shopping-- I was going to print out the page to see if the Bed Bath & Beyonce across town had one and would price match Amazon's $25 fall savings offer (and then let me use a 20% coupon on top of that). But Amazon didn't have a blue one available, so I printed out another company's white version, and put it aside for tomorrow.

But when I checked Amazon just now? They suddenly and miraculously had exactly one in stock.

Honey, you was meant to be mine.

It will be here Friday. :)

* Oh, and it comes with a mail-in rebate for a free three-piece cutting board set, which we desperately need... which isn't availble through BB&B. So I guess it all evens out, financially, too :)
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