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Edible CPUs? Oh, "Food Processors."

I'm sorry LJ... I'm afraid I've done one of my disappearing tricks again. I'll try not to be gone so long again.

I got this nifty magazine from Kraft chock-full of recipes (featuring great Kraft products) the other day*. Some of the recipes looked really tasty, and wonderfully-quick. Unfortunately, many of the ones I liked used a variety of over-processed MSG-laden ingredients, like Stove Top Stuffing.

I'm allergic to MSG. Stove Top Stuffing is, in fact, the only product I've ever seen that has MSG as the first ingredient. But I figure I can always substitute some crazy breadcrumb thing of my own devising (like I ever really follow recipes anyway).

So I've decided: I'm buying a food processor. I originally saw this sexy beast of a machine on Amazon and figured I'd give it a go. Until my brain spoke up...

"Jeez Louise, missy, a 14-cup monster-in-a-box for a family of three? ARE YOU HIGH?"

The answer-- which you'd know, Mr. Brain, if you were paying attention-- is "no." We both know full well that I'm like this all the time.

So anyway, I probably want to downsize a bit, right? Bear with me (or correct me if necessary)-- I've never had a food processor before.

The 7-cup Cuisinarts (DLC-10S and DLC-5) don't thrill me... KitchenAid's offerings are pretty hot, though.

My big decision: The bigass 12-cup with 4-cup minibowl, or the 9-cup with 4-cup minibowl?

I wouldn't even consider the 12, except that it has several things going for it:
Top rated
Easy to find parts for it... probably forever
Might be available in blue (squee!)
Comes with a 4mm slicing disk

The 9 is somewhat smaller, comes in chrome or white, and only has a 2mm slicing disk (no 4mm). Oh, and it's about $50 cheaper.

Otherwise, they're both pretty comparable.

I can't believe "it might come in blue!" is making such a dent in my decision-making process. >_<

Anywho, does anyone have any words of wisdom on the subject of food processors? Maybe I should reconsider a Cuisinart? Maybe size really doesn't matter? Thanks, I appreciate it :)

I've been hitting the gym regularly over the past week or so... and Thursday night, I have a date with a personal trainer :) I doubt I'll spring for personal training quite yet, but I'd like to see what they have to offer (and they're doing freebies right now).

I'm particularly proud of myself today. I always have difficulty peeling myself away from this nefarious contraption I call a computer during the day (nights, too)... I usually end up eating lunch in front of it. Today, however, I went to the gym. 34 minutes from the time I left to the time I got back. I could get used to this :)

I'm single mom this week. P's in Washington for a day or two, and then he's off to Japan. Wish I could go; maybe next time.

He's talking about having to go to Berlin for a weekend in October. I don't think I can justify the expenditure... but I'm not sure I can resist the opportunity. Oktoberfest, baby!

We'll see.

OK, time to go food shopping. Hope you are all well and happy and persuing your bliss :)

* I count as "or current resident," right? So yeah, I received this magazine...
** I'm wearing my monsterwash t-shirt again today... I only mention this because the LAST time I updated, I was wearing the monsterwash shirt. Maybe I should wear this more often!

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