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Paul's still going to Japan, but I'm not china

I dropped by the theatre earlier today to see if they'd posted the casting list yet, but no luck. Then I had two delightful hours of dental work.

Paul checked the theatre on his way home. I didn't get cast. He brought home wine and ice cream, so that I might have my choice of sorrow-drowners. He's a good man, that Paul.

It's a bummer, but I'm so glad I went. My singing can be improved, and my dancing revived. I just need to actively work on them. And even if I never, ever get cast in a musical in my life, I'm bloody thankful to have two strong legs, an able voice and the chutzpah to try.

Cheers, folks :) *clink!*

I'm off (like a bat outta hell) to make meat loaf.

Oh, and this is entirely too funny, if you like/are comfortable reading Chaucer:
http://houseoffame.blogspot.com/2006/08/serpentes-on-shippe-spoylerez.html (thanks, MenT!)

PS-- It looks like the ants are gone!

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