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Kill my pests! Kill my pests! And now it's time to rest...

Soooooo... I wasn't going to go to the Beauty and the Beast auditions. I'm really not much of a singer, after all.

I spent my day drenching fire ant mounds (holy smokes-- there were at least 30, possibly close to 50 on my suburban lawn!) and spreading bifen granules (fire ants AND chich bugs). Five hours of genosidic hell in a big floppy hat.* I'm a major tree-hugger... but this really was war. I'd had no idea just how strong their forces were!

Around five or six o'clock, I considered going to the audition. Evidently, they required a prepared song, along with sheet music.


"Certainly, technology must have caught up with the sheet music market," I mused. Sure enough, I found a copy of A Tisket A Tasket availble for immediate download for all of $1.70. Good enough. Let's go!

At the audition (incidentally, only a few blocks away from where I live) I indicated on the form that I was interested in Mrs. Potts (and possibly one of the Silly Girls), but that I wouldn't be interested in a chorus role. That pretty much solved my reunion dilemma right there. I don't think I've ever auditioned for something and wasn't willing to accept any role thown at me (just on principle), but there you are.

The auditions were very professionally done. There were ~60 participants, and we were all done in two hours! There were a lot of excellent singers there, though there didn't seem to be a whole lot of acting ability. Still, I was rather intimidated, to say the least.

We sang our prepared piece, read one of two pieces (well, you had no choice at all if you were male-- one was a male/female narrator piece, the other was one of Belle's songs done as a reading), ran some scales (my range is up to F? I think I can hit G, though), and once a group of 15 were done, we danced.

I read extraordinarly well. I sang passably. I danced bloody AWFUL.**

I certainly didn't expect a callback, since they seemed more focused on singing and dancing than acting, and I'm an actor who can kinda sing and dance (or at least, could dance, if she's to be believed). But I didn't at all regret going. It felt SO GOOD to be back in the swing of things.

Imagine my surprise when the phone rang at 11pm tonight... with a callback for tomorrow...

I could totally pull off Mrs. Potts. There's no question in my mind. I'm actually a better singer when I'm acting like a character who can sing than when I sing as myself (if that makes any sense). Strong character roles like Mrs. Potts can definitely be pulled off by actors-who-can-kinda-sing (as opposed to singers-who-can-kinda-act-- which the average musical role seems to favour).

Her range is alto/mezzo, going up to G... I just know I can hit it.

So... Think good thoughts for me tomorrow evening? Thanks :)

Later, we went to Beefo's (that's the little family-friendly restaurant/pub that Z works at) for a farewell party for one of the waitresses. They had a band and everything. Zack even got to play. Oh, and we danced.

All these twenty-something girls were dragging the Zackster out on the dancefloor. Poor guy :)

It was a good time.

But now, I must sleep.

Oh, and I haven't been keeping up at all with LJ for the last couple of days... please let me know if I've missed something really important in your world?

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

* I sang random showtunes as I killed, like... "A spoonful of Bifen makes the fire ants go bye, the fire ants go bye, the fire ants go bye," "It's... your... DEATH! It's your death! Put my bifen to the test! You can die now, I won't cry now, and you'll see it's for the best!" and "I don't know how to kiiiiiillllllll you, wait I do, nevermind, then... you're an ant. You're just an ant..." I figure there's a special circle for me in Hell now.
** I'm sorry, Dad, for apparently wasting all those years of dance lessons. Honestly, it will all come back to me in time.
*** And Max cat-- I'm really sorry-- but I've poisoned the lawn and you can't go outside until after it's rained. I know you're pissed off beyond belief, but believe me, it's for your own good. Using the litterbox for two days won't kill you, honest. Please don't kill me in my sleep. Mommy loves you.

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