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Entertainment, centered

Paul bought me Yellowbeard the other day... c'mon-- python people + mel brooks people + other notable comedic actors + PIRATES and I'd never seen it? Crazyness. We watched it last night. It was terribly bad and I enjoyed it muchly.

I'm assembling this: my entertainment center today. I've been working on it all day and I'm almost halfway through! *dies*

I finally went food shopping yesterday, so the three of us had dinner together tonight. I think this marks the second time we've all eaten together since we moved. We had "Zack's Favourite Meal":

  • Breaded chicken (tenders, this time)

  • Smashed potatoes

  • Green bean casserole

  • Eville bread pentagrams of dooooom*

I like cooking. Nice to have food in the house again.

I got my threadless shirt today.

Man, that site's addicting. I stumbled across it not too long ago, and plan to submit a few things soon.

I guess it's trendy. I don't know. I just like my new shirt :)

OK, time to get back to the entertainment center. Later, gators!

* Those would be the Pillsbury Oven Baked Butterflake rolls. They're little pentagrams. NUM!
** Whee, our entertainment center has built-in halogen lighting! I didn't know that. Yay!

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