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And we will make beautiful music together, even if she is dirt cheap

Remember that time I bought a really cheap mandolin and it was pretty good and I liked it so much I bought a better one later?

Well, I just bought a $39 3/4-size* guitar**, along with new strings, picks, and a strap.

Altogether, $60-something bucks, including shipping****.


* I've tried to play regular guitars. Zack has a gorgeous Martin, and it's just too unweildy for me. And it's not just the frets-- the entire thing makes me look like a midget and I can barely wrap my arms around it. I can say that about a lot of things, though.

** I got the redburst one. I don't care if it's tacky-looking-- it's freaking $40 for heaven's sake, and I've heard only good things about it. I just want to strum some Pink Floyd*** time and again, and pretend that I'm some sort of folk singer when I think nobody's looking.

*** Pigs on the Wing and Wish You Were Here ARE pretty cool on the mandolin, from what I've played so far; I just haven't gotten the hang of some of the weirder chords yet (Gsus4, hello, what?).

**** Sheesh, shipping cost almost as much as the strap, picks and strings combined!

***** I nearly bought a violin. G-d help me.

*********** Someday, I'll get that darned Mandobird! :)
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