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Help me kill things

I hate to do it. I'm something of a tree-hugger, and hate to kill anything. But enough is enough.

I'm looking for an environmentally friendly ant-killer that works on regular ants and fire ants. (So, both sugar and grease-loving ants, I guess.) Something that won't hurt my pets, or the birds outside, or the soil.

My entire yard is infested with these things. It's time for them (or at least the majority of them) to go.

Any thoughts?

In other news, I have an audition for that play I want to do, somewhere outside in front of a Chinese restaurant tonight. Huzzah!

In other other news, the guy trimming the neighbor's hedges outside just informed me that I have "chinch-bugs," and that I'd better not give those chinch an inch, or they'll eat all my St. Augustine grass.

WTF? OK, I need chinch-killer, too. He mentioned something called Talstar. Wow-- could this be the answer I was seeking for my ants, too? Hm, apparently so!

Anybody know anything about it?

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