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Today is multimedia day.

This Morning's Wake-up Song*: Shipoopie from the show The Music Man (I don't have a copy of this to share, but no worries-- I don't think you're missing much).

OK, technically, it wasn't Shipoopie, it was another song from my dream version of the musical which was a duet by two men with interjections by Elvis. But since this song doesn't actually exist, and I can't remember any of it to reconstruct it for you, the song that followed when I fell back asleep will have to do.

THIS may be the coolest little flash animation I've seen in years: Animator vs. Animation

The earth done been blown up by a meteor! (Very cool Japanese simulation of earth-death) (from crasch):

Thankfully, the first of four powerful telescopes which will eventually be capableof locating 99% of potentially-threatening near-Earth objects (NEOs) bigger than 300 metres has captured its first test images, New Scientist reports.

Bing! Bang! BOING!

Ice cream truck music (thanks, scottobear!)

Also thanks to scottobear, THE ALERT MAP:
There are no reports of tornadoes or hailstorms, but there have been 44 reports of earthquakes in the past 24 hours, and no less than 57 volcanoes erupting. Bird flu abouds. And a girl was bit by a shark off the east coast of Florida.

What the icons mean:

I've had a rough day so far... just a comedy of errors. I actually wrote that as "erros."

I should stop now! Later, gators!

* The song that's playing in my head as I awaken
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