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Now that I'm six I'm as clever as clever

Apparently, this marks my sixth anniversary with LiveJournal.

It's been a rough year. You can't really tell from photos, but I've become rather overweight (at least 30 lbs, perhaps 40). Neither Paul nor I are happy with ourselves. We can deal OK if it's just one of us, but when both of us are unhappy, we either get snippy with each other or depressed and self-indulgent. At least we recognize it now.

I'm less productive at work, I rarely use my planner, and our house is a mess.

Another sad fact is that I have no friends (RL, that is). Not even work friends. I telecommute from my house every day, and spend every night with the boys. Not that I don't love my boys, of course. Just that I need to get out and socialize more often.

Sorry for not keeping in touch (here, by phone, whatever). It doesn't help that my cellphone gets horrible reception in the house. It's a viscious cycle-- the lonlier I am the more depressed I become the more I withdraw the lonlier I am. I suppose that applies to online and long-distance friends, too.

I had planned to audition for the next play that the community theatre is doing, but wouldn't you know it, the production goes up the week I'm back in New York. PTHTHHBHBHTHBHBHBT! I'm keeping my eyes open for other acting opportunities. Acting + making friends = happier ldy :)

We move next weekend. I'm very much looking forward to the change in scenery, even though it's only half a mile away. We'll have a whole big bright house, instead of this tiny cramped dark condo. That's gotta help. And perhaps my phone will work again, as well.

So, that's the state of me, right now, on my sixth anniversary. Things will get better this year, mark my words :)

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