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My boots make Very Silly *scritchy scritchy* noises when I walk. Somebody get the Foley guy up on the set, pronto!

Oh, me, oh, my.
Had another evilly epic entry; this time, on the subject of angst, migraines, freezing rain and relationships.

It drew a nice dichotomy between my conversation with xso (who stopped by last night to pick up his mop and bucket) and my feelings towards my new friend, contained a myriad of Disney references and lyrics, and was awfully dark and clever (if I do say so m'self).

This time, I wrote it all in notepad!
And diligently never saved it!
And, surprise of surprises, Windows went

Either lj is sentient, and vehemently against my posting dark, moody entries, or WINDOWS REALLY SUCKS.
I'll leave it to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions :P

So... what light-hearted diatribe can I unleash upon the unwary reader?

I'll steal stuff from my friends! Yeah!

Well, I hate to admit it, but my hot, horny wife has been spending an awful lot of time on the phone lately. --warning: obscene-- (Thanks, ropy!)

And I'm sure you all know by now that all your base are belong to us. --warning: hilarious-- (Thanks, zed!)
Note: this thing keeps moving around, url-wise, so apologies to everyone who got the broken link. I've just changed it back to the original link, which should offer a link to its current location. Got it? Good!

Oh, and if anyone needs bondage plushies (and, honestly now, who doesn't?), look no further! --warning: cute and cuddly, with a kinky streak-- (Thanks, voodoolimbo!)

Oh, and just for kicks, DO THIS NOW. --warning: no warnings--

I'm bluescreening again already. I do hate windows.

Before I go, please join me in wishing a

Happy Eighth Birthday to My Friend, the Evil Overlord!!!

and a

Happy (barely belated) Seventh Birthday to my Long-Lost-Brother Beatniksidearm!!!

And welcome, welcome, new friend and famous-writer-to-be, dufresne!

Oh, Brad, set up us the bomb
You have no chance to survive. Make your time.
--Windows 98 SE

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