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My as-yet-unfinished second* children's book - Ldy, the lemony, ligerish ducttaparian's Magic Treehouse of Lost Thoughts
A classy broad's life... with footnotes.
My as-yet-unfinished second* children's book
pirates are not nice people

pirates aren't very nice
they're filled with lust and avarice
they sometimes kill you in your sleep
and almost never brush their teeth

* The first one is also unfinished. Arr.

I'm feeling all kinds of: weird bizarre!
What I hear: The Ditty Bops - Wishful Thinking

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From: droid_1 Date: May 1st, 2006 09:17 pm (UTC) (permalink)
I should like to speak to the particular pirate you have in your icon.
What's her name?
ldy From: ldy Date: May 4th, 2006 04:51 pm (UTC) (permalink)
She is the Sea Fox!

Apparently, the artist sells t-shirts, too. Wants one :)
From: droid_1 Date: May 4th, 2006 09:01 pm (UTC) (permalink)
Thanks for the response.
Actually, I was just kidding.
From: stealthgear Date: May 2nd, 2006 04:47 am (UTC) (permalink)
do you write children's books for kids or adults that like childrens books ? :P I guess you have to get the parent since they are the ones with the cash to buy the book.
ldy From: ldy Date: May 4th, 2006 04:52 pm (UTC) (permalink)
I don't think many children would like this book, what with the references to being killed in one's sleep and such.
madhatter60 From: madhatter60 Date: May 3rd, 2006 11:18 am (UTC) (permalink)
what kind of kid knows what avarice is? =P

avast! gigantic wordybergs on the port side!
ldy From: ldy Date: May 4th, 2006 04:53 pm (UTC) (permalink)
Probably the same kid who doesn't mind a story that suggests he'll be killed in his sleep :)

This project is probably unsafe for children, anyway!
7 tall tales or Tell me a story