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VD for Everyone!

Dammit. Had an EPIC entry to share with you all, inviting you to my Hallmark-induced Pity Party. It was melancholy, depressing, angy, and angst-ridden, involved big, bolded, and completely-spelled curse words and cheesy 80s lovesong lyrics, and was really, really good.

Then I was dragged out of the pity party by Someone Evil Special, got ICQ'd by a Very Good Friend, IM'd by a New Friend (I swoon from the sudden rush of friendly lovingness!)... and as I pushed the post button, windows went

Ach. Best laid plans of mice and all.

So scratch the pity parade. I'll tell you about my new glasses, instead :)

Got 'em yesterday. I haven't gotten new glasses since... since... HIGH SCHOOL?!!

Exhibit one-- the old glasses:

Do note the chipped tortoiseshell, the stylishly huge 80s coke-bottle lenses, and especially the naked twist-tie (oh, sounds much kinkier than it really is) quick-fix on the left arm that's been there for a year or so.

Exhibit two-- the new glasses:

I like these much better. I really do.

I'm too beat to give a play-by-play on Disney, but here's a pic of The Electric Light Parade (and Cinderella's Castle in the background) for the graphics-starved and easily-amused among you:

ARRRGH, MATEYS!  We want the redhead!
This was supposed to carry the caption: ARRRGH, MATEYS, HOP ABOARD ME PITY PARADE! But obviously, that doesn't work anymore, so meh.

Did I mention I got gifted kinky-ass boots? I did. From my friend The Evil Overlord (who happens to be quite the sweet and courteous gentleman with quite the volumous and impressive knowledge of All Things Disney, but don't tell anyone I said that-- reputation to uphold and all ;) ) Haven't had the opportunity to wear them yet, but they're megafunky, no?

heheheh longtongue
This isn't quite representational, but it's close... mine have a somewhat more supportive (non-stiletto, but just as high) heel, boxier toe and higher overall platform. I'm not entirely certain I can wear them with a straight face, really. At least I won't have to worry about my calves escaping without a struggle (uhm, but where would they go without me, anyway?)!! ;P

OK, enough about me.

Before I go, a big welcome to the uber-talented James-- I look forward to seeing more of your work!!

Hugs to those that need them, those that want them and those that don't run away fast enough :)

♥ And Happy Wednesdaying and Thursdaying, Lovers One and All ♥

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