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Squeeeee! My mandolin has FINALLY SHIPPED! Sheesh, it's about time!

In the meantime I ordered a poster, some picks and a strap on* ebay. And magically got them all today.

Check out this pictorial representation of the analysis of Bach's Two-Part Invention No. 13 (BWV 784).

I'm so learning this (the whole thing, not just the snippet above). It's not in my book, but I don't really care. I've always loved this piece, and have been particularly entranced by Bela Fleck's rendition of it (on the banjo with accompaniment on the marimba, no less).

The treble clef seems to translate to the mando easily enough... up to a point. The lowest note on my mandolin (the way it's currently strung, at least) is G below middle C. This piece has one-- count 'em, one-- note lower than that. I'll find some way around it ;)

I'm also studying the mandolin stuff at this site. Such an excellent resource!

And for some reason, I'm thinking about pageeater's and i's evolution painting today. The one where she asked i for a representation of 13 of her livejournal friends? Yeah. :)

How the time does fly.

* No, not a strap-on ebay. I'm not even sure what a strap-on ebay might be, but it can't be pretty.
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