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I went, it was great, it was everything I expected, and the facilitator was fabulous.

I brought a bag of Pirate Booty. Folks liked it. Of course, nobody but I got the reference, but I laughed on the inside. I laughed for you, too. Arr!

While I was there, I saw a flyer for a summer movement and voice intensive at UF. It seems unlikely that I'd be able to swing it, since it's probably during business hours, but I don't want to ignore the universe while it's busily flinging open doors at me. There was nothing on the UF dance and theatre website about it, so I shot them an email. We'll see :)

Fiance's in Modesto, about to drive to Las Vegas.* Boy's at Checkers, about to go see a movie.

I'm absolutely starving (having been at a movement class for five hours, and then had an awesome workout at the gym). Neither of the boys can eat pasta anymore, so I whipped up a "pirate eats alone" special: two kinds of tortollini, peas, brocolli, red pepper, portobello mushrooms, garlic and chicken in a way too fatty premade sauce that tastes like a little piece of heaven.

Oh, and a bottle of wine.

I'll have to catch up with comments later (you guys make me smile like this: :D). Me vittles and grog await!

Oh, and then I think I've got some mandolin playin' to do.


* He's driving across country with his old army/drinking buddy. Boy and I are meeting them in Nashville next Thursday. Drive should take them two days. We're currently taking bets as to whether he'll have to hop a plane to get to Nashville on time, and/or whether bail will be an issue.
** I just shot him a text message: "Remember- beer yes, hookers no. And hide your atm card in the safe. From you. xoxoxoxo" I love that guy!
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