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My Life with the Kill Kill Die

I'm supposed to take Zack and one of his friends to a Sonata Arctica concert tonight. The venue is ~3 hours away. While I was looking up directions to this venue, I discovered, much to my surprise, that the show's been moved-- from an all-ages venue to a bar with a strict 18-and-over policy. (It also seems to be a several-metal-band lineup, as opposed to an actual Sonata Arctica concert).

I've been on the phone with Ticketmaster for 39 mitutes and 43 seconds. More than half of that's been on hold. With the same song playing over and over and over.

So far, they seem strangled by their own beaurocracy. They have no record of the venue change, cannot reach a human at either venue due to the fact that it's a holiday, and apparently have no web access (which would quickly confirm that indeed, the venue has been changed). They do have a record that there are, apparently, two different concerts playing at the same venue tonight, and one of them (ours) isn't mentioned on the box-office announcement line. Could be a clue, don'tchathink?

It's now been over 45 minutes, and I'm still on the phone. James (the customer service rep) has been extraordinarly helpful, all things considered. I'm getting a partial refund ($59 out of $81 in charges), but I'm still rather upset. If I wait and the venue confirms the change, I could get an additional $15 back-- or I could get no refund at all if they don't confirm or if they decide not to offer refunds. So I'm cutting our losses and running... and writing a nice letter to Ticketmaster's Consumer Support. I think I'll include a copy of my phone bill, too, since I suspect that the hour I spent with them was a toll call.

By the way, their address is:
ATTN: Consumer Support
1000 Corporate Landing
Charleston, WV 25311

I'm especially bummed because I introduced Zack to Sonata Arctica over a year ago, and I dig them myself. While I wasn't looking forward to the drive or the late night on a work/school night, I was looking forward to seeing this band with my kid, y'know? They're Finnish, and don't often tour the US, so who knows when we'll get the opportunity again.

I bet a metric crapload of prog-metal fans are going to decend upon the State Theatre tonight, where My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult are playing.

Well, that part is almost comical, really ;)

So this has just been the icing on my icky morning. Can this Monday be over already, please?!
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