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Random tidbits

As of last Thursday night, my hair is red now RED RED RED. And much longer than I realized, now that I've taken to brushing it out and keeping it a li'l bit straighter. I'll try to take a photo at some point.

Finally, that johari thing is up again! Please feel free to add to mine: http://kevan.org/johari?name=ldy

Add yours in comments, if you want me to add to yours-- I'm afraid I missed a lot of people's last week when the site was down.

I'm exhausted. I had a busy day yesterday, and yet just couldn't sleep last night. Have another busy day planned today.

Just had my morning office meeting. In another couple of hours, I have a performance of Macbeth at the community college library. And now my boss is telling me I really should be in on a conference call right after my performance.

No early bedtime for me tonight, as my clan, Iocaine Powder is having its big KoL PvP event at rollover. Maybe I'll take a nap while the boys are at Zack's guitar lessons instead of going food shopping as I'd planned. Maybe.

At least I had the foresight to throw together a crockpotroast this morning. Paul helped chop veggies (thank heavens, or I'd never have gotten it all done in time). 2.5 lb shoulder roast + seasonings + potatoes + carrots + mushrooms + brocolli + onion + garlic + peas + red yellow & green peppers = yay. It's already smelling mighty numtastic.

Random linkies of doooooooooooooom (apologies for not giving credit where due):

Russian's tiny people move your food.

If you haven't seen this one yet, it's a must-see.
Brokeback to the Future.

Mashups of wonderfulness!

Puppy monorail-- ZOMGCUTE!

DJ BC has a second Beastie Boys/ Beatles mash-up album out. The first was exceptionally good...
I look forward to hearing this when his server isn't quite so slammed!

As wjl so aptly put it: "LSD-induced anime music videos are made of win and good."
Um, yes. Although it hurts. A little.

Your IQ Is 140

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Genius

I thought my logic would be a bit better, but perhaps not. I think I usually score ~135 on these things, so yay :)

Mandolin s'wonderful. I'll share more when I get a bit better.

OK, I have a TON of things to do today, and no time to do it! Better get crackin'!

Crack! Crack! SMOOOCH!
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