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When we were at the guitar show, last weekend, I fell in love with... something.

It looks like this:

oh, how I long for thee!

I didn't know what it was, really; I only knew that I wanted it. BADLY. And it was only $149!

Even at that price, though, I couldn't justify it. We're getting married (eventually), putting a kid through college, and aggressively paying off credit cards. And I couldn't even explain what it was. I think I cried a little when I left.

Well, it's an electric mandolin; specifically, an Epiphone Mandobird IV. Pretty cool, really. Unlike like regular mandolins, it only has four strings.

The Mandobird IV is pretty highly rated, as well-- everybody seems to just love it. And brandy-new, it's just $199.

Not much money for a decent instrument, really. However, I still (sigh) can't justify the cost.

My musical child has been fitful and unhappy. I can't afford a decent keyboard, and I have a lot of emotional blocks to playing piano again, really, as much as I love the idea of it. I'm welcome to use Zack's guitars, but I just never seem to get upstairs during the day to borrow his acoustic.

I've wanted a mandolin since I was about 13. And I haven't been able to get that darned Mandobird out of my mind since the show.

So I just bought myself a regular beginner's mandolin-- a Rogue RM-100A.* Get this: $30. And people say, once you restring it (and perhaps file down the bridge a bit), it doesn't suck. In fact, quite a few people dig it a lot.

you're mine, all mine

$40 w/ shipping, new strings and some picks... and I'm giddy like a child.

If I take to it, I'll easily be able to justify that mandobird someday. And if I don't? I've lost $40. Small gamble, really. Tiny, for the joy it's already given me. I can keep it in my office and play when it pleases me.

2-5 days shipping. I'm considering buying a book in the meantime.

I won't be able to play around with it much 'til after the show**, but my inner child is dancing right now :)

* Watch out! It's a rogue mandolin! O_O
** I did mention I'm playing Lady Macbeth in the community college's Shakespeare festival, right? No? Oh. I'm playing Lady Macbeth in the community college's Shakespeare festival.

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