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I am, in essence, a glowing sapphire bellybutton

I am loving this commercial:
You'll never see it on TV, so might as well clickyclick.
Warning, it could be offensive. At least, ABC thinks so.
It has the president in it. And an old guy in a thong.

Dance, monkey, dance!
There must be a word in some language for when something is funny,
but also true, thought-provoking, and somewhat sad somehow.
Poignant? No. Not even close.
"Wonderfully funny" will have to do for now.

This... really really bothers me.
It's about a woman who was jailed for wearing a t-shirt.
Is there some part of this story that I'm missing?
I hope LJ is still a Free-speech Zone.

And just because I'm sheep-o-licious:

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®
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