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The best laid schemes o’ mice

Paul's been having his midlife crisis, I guess. But instead of pursuing sports cars and younger women, he's turning his eye toward education, values-identification and goal-setting.

He's a Freak. But he's my freak :)

So anyway, my choices are to either join him or kill him. After some thought, I chose the former.

I bought a SuperMofoKnockYouOuttaYerSocks Planner. It's one of those fancy-schmancy Franklin Covey ones.

Planner pages

It basically uses 8.5" x 11" sheets. The thing is MASSIVE.

I was skeptical at first, but I'm loving it (as long as I actually DO what I WRITE). It's pretty cool, in that it's not only a daily planner, but an entire system for integrating values, goals and relationships. Because, y'know, I'm not carrying around enough in this fifty-pound planner.

My self-defined values thus far:
Integrity: I am truthful with others and with myself-- in my deeds, words and thoughts. My integrity lies at the core of my very essence-- it is solid and cannot be compromised. My deeds, my words and my thoughts are consistent with my values.

Gratitude: I will endeavor to truly appreciate the many blessings in my life and see the myriad miracles and stunning beauty in each moment. I will let the people I love know how much I appreciate them.

Humour & Joy: I (will) laugh, every day. I remember to smile, even (especially) in the face of adversity. I recognize and actualize my ability to release the smiles and laughter locked within others.

Love: I shall fear nothing. I cleanse myself of all fear-based habits and attitudes, and allow love and light to fill those spaces. I share my love with the world, and embrace love given to me.

Divinity: I recognize, respect and honour the divinity that exists within each person, including myself. I believe in miracles, large and small, and help make them happen. I take the time to notice the touch of God's hand in everyday things, and allow it to fill me with wonder and joy.

Education/Understanding: I endeavor to learn or understand at least one new thing each and every day. I readily share my knowledge, experience and wisdom with other. I seek to understand before I try to be understood. Some things cannot be fully understood by me, and that's OK, too.

Progress: I strive to add value to the world, not reduce it. I do not procrastinate*, but energetically work to create positive change. I achieve my goals, and help others achieve theirs, as well. I recognize that I am a powerful force of change in the world, whether I actively choose the changes I create or not. Therefore, I should be aware of my effect, and in control of it.

Personal Responsibility: I do not blame external influences-- people, situations or things-- for my state of being. I create my emotional state, and am not controlled by it, nor can others' emotions control me. I, and I alone, am responsible for my destiny and my choices. I recognize that I'm constantly making choices, and endeavor to be aware of the choices I make and to keep them consistent with my values.

PTHBTBTBTBTBTTHHHHH: Life is WAY too wonderful and fun to take it SO seriously all the time. Especially do I not take myself too seriously. Let's dance!

I added that last one just now. Leave it to Livejournal to remind me that I'm six, and that a healthy amount of irreverence is, well, quite healthy indeed ;)

Never take myself too seriously

Another way this planner works is by redefining my many roles. Each role may focus on one relationship, or many. Every week, I figure out one thing that will help me in each of those roles, schedule it in my planner (along with a number of other things) and put it on a bookmark that moves with me through my planner.

Covey suggests you limit yourself to seven roles. It took some time to figure out how I might best divide them up.

I'm a...**
  • fiance

  • parent

  • vice president

  • family member

  • friend

  • actor

  • ldy
Yes, I included ldy as a role. It includes my "other" online roles, like in KoL / IP, but since I've been bumped from IP's board,*** my focus can turn more to LJ. Hopefully, this means I'll be writing more :)

Speaking of writing, I've begun listening to the audiobook version of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, and started my first morning pages today. Nice to clear out the dreck-- makes it easier to write here, somehow.

Anywho, that's enough for now... hope you are all healthy, happy and, um... huggable?

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~


* I laugh every time I read this. Does this make me a bad person?
** I'ma bitch, I'ma lover, I'ma child, I'ma mother, I'ma sinner, I'ma saint, I do not feel ashamed...
** Or alternately, I'm a man - I'm a teaser I'm a man - Well I'm a virgin I'm a man - I'm a one night stand I'm a man - I'm a drug I'm a man - Well I'm your slave I'm a man - I'm a dream divine And we make love together.
*** Not in any bad way; I was merely away on business when the last board revote went through. It's for the best :)
**** "Nuva-ring. Consider it a jelly bracelet for your inner 80s child."
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