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Ukulele, not Punch Out! - Ldy, the lemony, ligerish ducttaparian's Magic Treehouse of Lost Thoughts
A classy broad's life... with footnotes.
Ukulele, not Punch Out!
"Oh, blast it!" She exclaims as she rushes by you again. "I gave you the wrong link for that first one-- although it's fun, THIS is what I really meant to show you!!"


"Oh, and you might as well watch this, too, in case you ever seek to achieve amazing true ninjahood to French rap music in Russia."


And with that, she's gone again. Crazy redhead!

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I'm feeling all kinds of: whoooosh!
What I hear: french rap, in my head

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oncogene From: oncogene Date: January 17th, 2006 09:28 pm (UTC) (permalink)
The guy at the end of the Russian Google video, the one in the black shirt? Yeah he's hot. Rather Brad Pitt-like.
thetech From: thetech Date: January 18th, 2006 12:39 am (UTC) (permalink)

The ukulele one didn't catch my interest, but that second one - wow!

Heyyyyyyy cute ldy! Long time to see/talk!! :)
2 tall tales or Tell me a story