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Me and the people who love me. Heh.

OK, I've had a dozen different entries half-written over the past few weeks... I keep not-half-posting them, and the whole series gets backed up the longer I go without posting. And I was sick (seriously ill) from Tuesday through yesterday, putting me still further behind.

This is too cool not to share right now, though! Maybe it will get me past this blockage :)

Howeeeever, before I even get into that, I'd be remiss in sharing a moment "look what someone said about me!" without mentioning THIS, first (btw, this is part of the entry that's been sitting in my semagic for two weeks now):

Reason #493 why Frank Fradella rocks my world:

I got my autographed copy of Verspertine 1912 from Frank Fradella (www.frankfradella.com) two weeks ago... which included an acknowlegement to yours truly that was entirely too kind and made me weak-kneed.

"Special thanks must be given to [Ldy] for her amazing editing of this work. Her arcane and far-reaching knowledge have lent these pages an authenticity I could not have managed on my own. She is to me, as an editor and a friend, irreplaceable."

Wow. Seriously, wow. I'm speechless. Thank you so much, Frank! (*HUGS*)

Frank's an awesome writer, and quite an amazing artist as well. If you haven't checked out his site before, you should. Right away.

If you go to his "projects" link, you can find another link that will take you to a livejournal that contains a draft of the book itself.*

I'm going to cherish this book for the rest of my life.

And why Oh God, The Rats! rocks my little world, as well

Ok, this is the thing I just discovered today.

An artist known as Oh God, The Rats!** was commissioned by our clan in Kingdom of Loathing to put together a clan portrait.

In a frenzied fit of artistic license, he created an entire card game. And I've got the Supah Classy card.

Check out the rest of the deck and the rules!


I'm psyched beyond words :)

Seriously. I could kill you with a look. *STARE*

Me? I'm BADASS ;)

I'm been a bit down lately, and this is just the boost I needed. This is... awesome.

I'm so lucky.

* Wow, that sounds like more work than it actually is. Here's the link anyway! vespertine_1912 Start from the beginning. OK, fine. Here's the link that will take you to the first installment of the livejournal draft of the book. Holy smokes. I'd forgotten it had started with "I would be remiss." How freaky is that?! I must have remembered it subconsciously.
** He's also known as Jared. He's not the Subway guy.
*** Maybe now I can start posting regularly again.
**** I promise not to let this stuff go to my head
***** ...much.
****** just kidding.
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