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Three, three updates! Mwahahaha!




The bane of my office existence

When I set up my office in Florida, I didn't buy much. I already had a lot of what I needed, and the office provided the rest.

One of the provisions the office sent me was my boss's old fax machine; the bane of my existence: the Panasonic KX-FP101

I'm sure it was a great little machine... SIX YEARS AGO. Now it jams and mocks me at every turn.

I just ordered me one of these:

And I got it for less than $150, including shipping.

What's particularly awesome, is that my boss is going to pay for it. Woot!

I was originally looking at the next model down, the 5610... I liked it a lot better on a gut-instinct level... but the 6210 is much better in terms of cost/page of ink, and it has a few other nifty plusses. And it was only $12 more. I'd have preferred to have gotten the 7210... but for an extra $100? No thanks.

In any case, I can FINALLY get rid of the bane of my existence... and move my old scanner and printer into Zack's room! Woohoo!

OK, time for the gym. eetch, outch ootch!

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