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Hey, look! Two days, two updates!

From the same site as the blueballs thing yesterday:

And yes, even though one is called blueballs and the other is parisfacial, I can assure you that they're totally worksafe. Keep sound on for both (especially the blueballs one).

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was petting Max the other day, as I am wont to do, when I felt a growth on his neck.

Now, we recently (say, a few months ago) had a mast cell turmor removed from Gracie's head, so I was rather concerned.

I took a closer look.

The growth was blue.

The growth was enormous.

The growth was... moving.

Despite its unusual size and colour, the growth looked exceedingly tick-like.

I didn't scream, though I suspect my voice may have cracked a little when I said...

ME: ...honey? Could you come take a look at this please?

STRONG BRAVE MAN: What the hell is it?

ME: Well, I'm not entirely certain, but it looks tick-like.

STRONG BRAVE MAN: That big thing? Are you sure it's a bug?

ME: Pretty sure-- see the little leggies?

THE BUG: *obligingly wriggles its little legs*


Meanwhile, Max just purred, apparently pleased that we had met his little friend. You truly know you've really made it in this world when you have hangers-on, after all.

Strong brave man, whom I really don't appreciate enough, plucked the tick-like creature off Max's neck in one swell foop. Seems he got the entire thing, too, which is amazing.

Then he squished it good and dead, and showed his oh-so-appreciative fiance.*

Who then took a photo, and shared it with you.


Honestly, the photo does no justice to its EWWWness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'd write more, but I promised myself I'd post something today, and I've only fifteen minutes left to do that. I actually wrote this thing many hours ago, but decided it would be nice to work from my laptop in the dining room... and then couldn't get the entry to load (ah, the wonder of using ancient and seemingly incompatible versions of semagic!). Oh, and I didn't have the site configured in filezilla, either. I'll be lucky if I get this in by Monday, the way things are going.

I'll write more tomorrow. And catch up with comments, too :)

'til tomorrow, then! *smoooch!*

* Actually, I was pretty appreciative. I'm kinda weird that way.
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