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The Great and Indestructable Lydia (thunk, k-tink, whump.)

Bits and pieces from over the last few days...

The girlies and I went to see the Crouching Hiding Subtitling Tiger Dragon Sushiwives thing, but got to the theatre late. So, we saw Snatch!1 instead.

SO YUM!! I really liked the editing and direction. Music was cool, and Brad Pitt (of whom I'm generally not particularly too fond) was perfect, and blended in nicely with the other actors (who were somewhat lesser-known, but fabulous). Not a "feelgood movie," but terribly enjoyable imo.

Mr. Kitty has learned how to perch on the back of my Enterprise Chair :) I now have an orange cat hat thing! It's Mega-Fuzzy Good. Keeps me head warm and purry. I bet Jean-Luc wishes he had one.

My friend has proven himself quite The Evil Overlord2 after all... he FedExed me something of his own devious design created to both torture and please me... And I'm embarassed to say, that it thrilled me, and I simply could not get enough...3

This sweetie finally got her doodooface :) I must admit to being impressed with my own hideosity!!

And Papoosie rules-- she found the crazy Eurythmics cover I was listening to while wearing my new cool boots in the martini bar Friday!4

Went to the local yokel bar last night for a bit in my old cool boots... played pool, became the center of attention, kept winning, got a great many smoochies from lovey girlie friends, took a bunch o' pics5. I had cigarettes, too6 (sorry spotclone!).

Today, I took a walk by the river... It was so awesome to be able to set my own pace7 and be my own Tribal Leader8 :)

Also, got my car washed. I can't tell you how badly it needed it. I opted for the full star treatment-- young men vacuuming, scrubbing, reaching and stretching and making me slip dollars into their pants the tip box.9

I'm up too late again... shame on me! To sleep I go. Welcomes will wait 'til next time, as Brad is updating again (yaaaaaaaaay Brad!) and I can't access my userinfo page.

Sweet dreams, my friends. May the majority of of all this drama be replaced with peaceful bliss. :) Hugs to those who need them, those who want them, and those who don't run away quickly enough. (Runaway! Runaway!) ;)

1 huhuhuh-- she said "snatch" :P

2 Subtle subliminal hello ; )

3 It was Homemade Dutch Apple Pie. I suspect it was made with infinite sticks of butter. Yes, it was THAT evil!! Jeez, will you people PLEASE get yer minds outta the gutter already?!!

4 "Wearing the cool boots in the martini bar" refer to me listening, not to Papoosie finding. I think. And it was David Fernandez's cover of "Love is a Stranger." I think. Mmm. Someone remind me to have a cheesy '60s martinis and bikinis party this summer? Smoking jackets optional. Thanks.

5 Got a mess of email addys from that-- one from the guy who thought I was hot, one from the girl who thought I was hot before she met her new gf (they are SO cute together :D), and one from the bartender who thought the guy who thought I was hot was hot :P. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to conceive or something. Oh, I guess that doesn't really apply at all, but still...

6 But they don't have me :)

7 xso always got mad at me because I walked slower than he did. I shoulda been born with longer legs or something, I guess...

8 Tribal Leader-- anyone who takes the lead and determines the path travelled. When one is alone, one is always one's own Tribal Leader. Don't forget that.

9 It was one dollar. They did a really good job, but missed a spot on the window.

10 Hey! Where are lostdream and kellie? I mean, I understand about kellie's situation, but what's up with lostdream? : / This has me sad...

Oh, and the title does not refer to this lydia, although, ironically, her lj nick is one letter away from mine... Hi lydia! Are you indestructable, too?

I'm too tired to proof. I proofed anyway. Thunk k-tink whump, out the window and over the propane tank I go.

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