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I'm not a student of ancient culture. Before I talk, I should read a book.

Your Pokéname is:
You live in the oceans of Sweden, and your diet consists mostly of garbage, twigs and kerosene.
(Combat and Non-combat)
You can shoot slime. You have shiny red platform shoes. You can shoot maple syrup. You can spit wind. You can breathe iron filings. You can resist salt spikes. You can resist jet fuel.
Natural Enemies
Your natural enemy is Pikamander.

LdySaphyre/Cerulean Blue
Your Pokéname is
You live in the blazing deserts of Africa, and your diet consists mostly of insects, grapes and industrial runoff.
(Combat and Non-combat)
You can float in poison. You have goassamer wings. You can shoot granola. You can throw Dr. Pepper. You can eat iron filings.
Natural Enemies
Your natural enemy is Vultung.

I had always suspected I was my own worst enemy.

I think I will reconcile my Pokémon selves1, and wear shiny red platform shoes2 and gossamer wings3. AND BELLYDANCE4. Yes, yes-- YES. :)

No more fear, thank you. Had enough; don't think I could stomach much more, really. A little caution is wise and tasty, though. Maybe with a side of prudence, sprinkled with wisdom.

Oh, and pass the silly, please :) I definitely want a double helping of that!

Anywho, life is wild, spontaneous and fun5, and much less dangerous somehow. I refuse to take anything too terribly seriously right now.

Pleased to meetcha :)

And I'm pleased to welcome the Very Lovely Lydia, Murdock (he's the sane one; llama, llama, llama), and the Beauteous Billijean (not my lover) to my journal :) Welcome aboard! :D

Oh, and welcome back to Gadfly; so happy you've returned :)

1 My plan sounds like a Rob Brezsney horoscope, no?
2 I bought cool burgundy ankle-high boots with bigass brown heels on an impulse this evening :) Admittedly, they are not shiny and platform, but they's cool, man :)
3 These might do well.
4 I took my very first belly-dancing lesson tonight... I did! I did! I regret it not. :)
5 Oh, and I'm spontaneously combusting going to Disney/Random Theme Park in a couple weeks with a Wylde Strangera.
aWell, he is stranger than most. But don't worry. He's really Quite Nice :) (Shh-- Don't tell him I said that... he has a certain reputation to uphold as an Evil-Overlord-Striking-Fear-Into-the-Hearts-of-the-Less-Wacky.)
I have a cat on my lap, and sexy Lakme smoochies, and you don't. PLUS I've invoked the sacred horseradish, wasabi to fight the SushiWife in the name of the great Chicken Dog. So, nyeah. ;)

"I will regard every event I encounter as a particular dealing of God with my soul."
--Rosicrucian vow

"G-d has a wonderous sense of humour, I think."
--me, overtired

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