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Have I told you lately that I love you?


They've got a wall in China,
It's a thousand miles long,
To keep out the foreigners,
They made it strong,
And I've got a wall around me,
That you can't even see,
It took a little time,
To get next to me.

--P. Simon

Tear down the wall!
--P. Floyd ;)

Today I've been told "I love you" by more people in more ways...

There was a time when I didn't know how to give love at all. And another when I gave it to the wrong people for all the wrong reasons. And more recently, when I was discouraged from giving it without prior approval from another.

And all along, I didn't know how to open my arms to accept any of it back.

And I didn't know how to love me at all.

Since finding myself here, lost in cyberspace, I've learned a lot about love. About giving it freely... and about accepting it back. About how it needs to flow, like chi.

When something goes wrong,
I'm the first to admit it,
I'm the first to admit it,
And the last one to know.
When something goes right,
Oh it's likely to lose me, mm,
It's apt to confuse me,
It's such an unusual sight, oh
I can't, I can't get used to
Something so right,
Something so right.

Some people never say the words,
"I love you,"
It's not their style
To be so bold.
Some people never say those words,
"I love you,"
But like a child
They're longing to be told, mm

--P. Simon

I'm finally unlearning how to fear, and really learning to love in a place where I can't even wrap my arms around anyone to give or receive a hug.

Furthermore, I appear to be becoming an adult by being a child.

The world is a funny, funny place; don'tchathink?

I think so :D

...and it's a Very Good Thing :)



Thanks for the love, for real ♥


Okies. In other news, inspired by papoosie, I animated my default icon. Yay :D Was a lot easier than I expected, even just intuitively poking around the layers in GIMP! Hooray :)

Oh, and I saw The Grinch last night! Twas fun :) I know, I'm way behind the times. Well, duh. I still don't have a microwave and use this funky stuff called "fire" to cook my victuals. My TV set gets less than ten channels, all of which are something called "broadcast" through something called "space." My telephone uses something called "cords" to connect with something called "the outside world." Well you get something called "the idea."

Dagnabit-- Will somebody get those damned kids offa the lawn? I'll miss m'stories!!

And I Played Amazing Pool against Strangers in the Local Yokel Bar

The local yokel bar doesn't GET strangers; much less strangers who play pool at a near-professional level. And-- freakier yet-- the table had been refelted and all the chalks replaced. IT WAS SPOOKY.

And I COULDN'T LOSE. I had to give away the table just to get home at a decent hour.

Oh, and xso showed up. And yowza, I didn't fear a thing-- not even his disappointment :)

And today... all this love abounding...

Hey! Wait a second... maybe I entered another dimension! Yes, that would explain everything very neatly, wouldn't it...

Or maybe I've been abducted by aliens who have left a happy, well-adjusted alien child where I used to be?

Hey! Get away from that Buick! And leave darktrain alone!!

::happysigh:: Nope, believe it or not, it's just me :)

When something goes right,
I won't let it lose me
Abuse or confuse me
Though it's such an unusual sight, oh
Oh, I could get used to
Something so right,
Something so right

G'night, sweet dreams... May Your Love Soon Blossom like a Bright June Rose :)

You know I mean to tell you all the things
I've been thinking deep inside
My friend
With each moment the more I love you

--D. Matthews

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