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I only had this open on my desktop for three days this time.

http://www.geeksquad.com/content/absentee/work.html 1

We've got tickets to see it tonight :) We're all excited. Z even put his Episode III game aside because it was too spoilery!

I turned Z on to Rejected the other day. Now we have nonsensical conversations.

Tuesday's coming... did you bring your coat?
I'm feeling fat... and sassy!
Angry ticks fire out of my nipples!
My spoon is too big!
My anus is bleeding! (Yaaaay!)

I think our favourite is this one, though.

Fat and sassy, indeed. I bought fat clothes2 the other day.

People say that having children makes you gain weight. I always thought the concept was tied into conception. Evidently not.

It's all about the cookies, mjan. 3

Uh-oh. I just made more.

I like this song. There's something reminiscent of Radiohead in it; maybe it's just the minor key or odd chord structure. "What Radiohead might have sounded vaguely like if they'd chosen to keep to the mainstream." I had the same feeling about their 2002 hit "No One Knows." I've been singing the latter one over and over in recent days.

I also like the Bowiesque Ashes-to-Ashes sound (I wish I had a better term for that noise!) incorporated into In My Head.

Hm. Now I'm going to listen to Ashes to Ashes fifty times :)

Hi-ho homework, away!

Yup, I'm the Lone Parent. Ph33r m3!

Paul's been out of town most of the week. He got back in last night.

In the meantime, I've been crackin' the homework whip, and being momish and stuff.

I really like the relationship Z and I have developed. It's very special.

Last night, we went to Satchel's with a friend of his from school. I like her; she's smart and fun.

They both just IM'd me from school :) Heh.

Darnit! I keep losing the internet! OK, not really losing it... just losing MASSIVE sections of it.

Livejournal.com, in fact, seems to be the only address I can ping! Google, m-w.com, even satchelspizza.com all time out.

I've changed my DNS servers to no avail.

This is downright freaky. Any clues?

Edit: Nevermind-- seems to be working fine now!

Huggos to all :)

1. I did it all for the Wookies! C'mon! The Wookies! C'mon! So you can take that cookie, and stick it up your raaaaaa, stick it up your raaaaaa, stick it up your raaaaaa
2. I call them fat clothes, but they're really not THAT much bigger than the clothes I had. I'm just mad because I've been wearing the same size since college, and now, well... I'm not. Ah, well. I'm MUCH happier having jeans that fit now, though!
3. I did it all for the cookies! C'mon! The cookies! C'mon! So you can take that cookie, and-- hey, wait-- stop taking my cookies!
4. Wanna cookie?

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