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my hit chuck mangione and hard rock mix

Oh, dear lord, I'm so tired...

We have to leave before 7am tomorrow for the Major Label Showcase gig in Tallahassee, where the boys will play in front of record executives.

Tonight, to this end, I've:
  • made an office depot run

  • eaten mcdonalds food (and got a Woody from it)

  • created labels for their new demo

  • EQ'd the demo and copied it

  • labeled the copies

  • tango'd with a dancing bear

  • designed the cover "page"

  • rewrote, retyped and reformatted their Vision Statement

  • created a bio page

  • made their lead singer sing like a chipmunk

  • phoned in for a tax extension at exactly twelve midnight

  • helped put together their media kits

OK, one of those wasn't true.

I put "buy our parents big houses and shiny cars" as one of their 5-year goals and very nearly left it there.

Here's hoping that it's a good experience for the boys.

Here's hoping I eventually get some sleep.

My whole body aches.

In other news, Gracie is OK :) However, it's gonna cost another $400 to remove the lump, so we may have to wait a few weeks. Sheesh.

Oh, and I want this. I'd been drooling over a yamaha, but this seems remarkable, for the price. Which I can neither justify nor afford right now anyway :P Well, we'll see. Maybe someday.

Hope you are all well and happy and pursuing your bliss :)

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