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Oh, Gracie-- you got alotta spleenin' to do

Gracie had a... thing on her forehead. A bump. She'd had it there since she before she adopted me. Paul and I had joked that it was the source of her strange psionic powers, probably implanted there by aliens. We were kicking ourselves for not having had it removed when we she was put under for the dental work.

Well, it disappeared shortly thereafter-- suddenly, and without any apparent cause.

She's been doing great since then! She's gained weight, her coat is gorgeous, and she genuinely seems happy and healthy. The combination of having her rotten teeth removed, moving to Florida, having a loving family, and eating Science Diet seems to have done her a world of good.

Anywho, I didn't think much about the bump... but the vet mentioned it when I brought her in for her new fetish a week or so ago. (Her new fetish is chewing on plastic bags. Gumming them, really. I try not to watch.)

The vet pointed to the bump on her forehead, and voiced some concerns.

Bump? What bump?! I thought that was gone!

It wasn't in quite the same place... Somehow, It had mysteriously reappeared an inch or two away. The vet was skeptical until she saw documented evidence from Gracie's old vet up north that yes, indeed, it did used to be over her eye and not by her ear.

The vet aspirated the bump and did a biopsy. The results came back positive: Gracie has a mast cell tumor on her forehead.

Now, mast cell tumors are not terribly uncommon. And in cats, they're very often solitary and benign. However, they are sometimes indicative of a metastasized cancer, usually eminating from the spleen.

So I brought her in to the vet yesterday morning for bloodwork and xrays.

The vet came in after the xrays. "Well, she looks good. Where's her spleen?"

"Beg pardon?" I replied. Spleen? I don't remember having done anything with her spleen... in any case, I certainly hadn't misplaced it. I was pretty sure of that.

"Her spleen. What happened to it?" The vet was speaking... English, too, it seemed... but damned if I could make sense of what she was saying. Luckily, she continued on without any further input from me. "Oh, wait-- that's right, she adopted you. Well, she has no spleen. No idea why someone would have performed a splenectomy... maybe she got into a car accident or something? In any case, it, um, isn't enlarged."

Well, that's good news, right?

Considering this, her strange psionic skills and mysteriously moving bump, I suspect aliens at work here. Don't you?

In any case, it cost $245 to take pictures of her nonexistent spleen. We should get the bloodwork back today.

If it's green, I'm calling the tabloids.

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