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Food and death by food

I made these today:


I substituted hersheys cocoa, godiva double chocolate chipsand godiva white.


I also made breaded chicken tender thingies. Never made those before, either. They were absolutely scrumptious.

Took a few breasts o' chicken, cut them into short, fairly thick strips, and marinated in Italian dressing for an hour or two, massaging occasionally.
Then I dipped 'em in egg, and then a mixture of butter and Progresso breadcrumbs.
Baked at 350, turning once, for about 15-20 minutes.

Holy smokes, were they good.

Z had a bit of a slip-up with his last report card (and then didn't share it with us, although he got it Friday... not that I can really blame him). P's working on planning his work with him so that he can recover, and do well on the AP tests in May, without having to screw up his entire spring break or his music in the weeks that follow. I hope this doesn't screw up his plans for dual-enrollment.

I'd wondered why that statistics book had been sitting in the hallway for ages. Now I know: "not a darned thing." *sigh*

I'm glad Paul talked with him. He's awfully good in these situations, really.

Tonight I'm studying the effects of acrylamide. It's created in many starchy foods when they're cooked at high temperatures, and appears to be pretty nasty stuff. FAO and WHO are playing down the cancer risks, but it's a considerably powerful neurotoxin, as well. Funfun! I'll be talking about it in my teleseminar tomorrow morning.

I love listening to my Warm and Strong friend CowNBee do his radio show :) It's so great having friends in other countries!

I'm tired. Maybe I'll hang up this acrylamide stuff and convince Paul to let me have Z for awhile for storytime :)

G'night everyone. Wishing you all sweet dreams when you get there. *huggos*

Whoops! Forgot to hit "post." We read about Christmas and Harry Potter's Firebolt, and now it's time for sleepiebyes. Night night :)

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