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Meshugeneh, doot dee dah dee dah

I've been a little bit psycho lately. So's Paul. Sheesh.

No, honey, I'm sorry; "dissolving our relationship" isn't an option at this point and I forbid you from ever entertaining the thought again, K?

Things are OK now, but they were rocky for a few days.

In possibly related news, I'm officially an ex-smoker. Go me :) Had a brief relapse on Easter, but have been clean since then. I'm pretty much over the cravings, but the toxins are kicking my arse. Still, I'm convinced that the worst is over. I have to question whether I was actually self-medicating for ADD, as I seem to have lost my sense of...

Shiny! Look!

Sorry, what was I saying again?

I'm reading this book: Set Your Voice Free. I wanted something that would give me a strong start before getting into actual voice lessons (whether for singing or speaking) and... Wow. It's even better than I thought it would be... and my voice (now that I've forced myself to listen to recordings) is even worse ;)

In very related news, I'm loving story time. Story time's my favourite time of day. Even those times when Harry Potter and his friends suddenly, and inexplicably, become Scottish ;)

San Francisco was awesome. My only regret is that I didn't get to see M, M, R or R. You know who you are. I expect I'll be back next year, if not before. I promise to have my sh-t together better by that point!

I am fat. Fat fat fat fat fat. OK, fat for me. I've been fatter, and I certainly don't judge my value as a person on my weight. But damnit, I really wish I could button my freaking pants.

This, is without question, the coolest thing I've seen all day.

Boy's off recording a new demo today. Paul and I are going to have drinks after work. I'm glad; we need "dating" time once in awhile.

However, before he gets home, I am going to attempt to rollerblade. Right now, in fact. For ten minutes, or until I become injured.

I am Meshugeneh. Yes, I am.


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