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Perhaps I should have bought Narcissus instead of Lillies...

Oh, I was all prepared to spend the evening catching up with email and comments... and I had a nice piece on Alignment all written in my head, ready to share with you.

But then I went to the store. And nice girlfriend that I am, I bought myself flowers1... and sushi... and wine...

And I even took the garbage out for me, put on music that I like, and complimented myself on my cool boots and fuzzy shirt.

And well... now I'm all smitten with myself. << blushes >> I think I'll lavish some attention on myself for being so sweet...

So, dear, what would you like to do tonight?

Well, dear... I think we should get REALLY KINKY2 and have a threesome with...


Oh, I'm really just too good for me. How did I ever deserve the likes of me, anyway? ;)


* Ka-SPLASH! *

1 Oriental Lillies that smell and look gorgeous, even though they make my nose run. Perhaps I should have bought Narcissus instead of Lillies... Hey, is there an Echo in here? Oh, nevermind. :P
2 Kinky my butt. It's all good clean fun! :D And good, clean naked fun that doesn't involve snow, at that!
3 Yes, I really bought Mr. Bubble-- but I got the liquid kind. I REALLY wish I got the tubmate, though!!
4 Oh... Here's my odd psychedelic film (thanks to LaTraviata for the tip-- hers was a hoot!) :)

Every Day Can Be Bathtub Party Day!!! (Usually December 5, for those who don't know)

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