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They fight! And bite! They fight and bite and miss their flight! - Ldy, the lemony, ligerish ducttaparian's Magic Treehouse of Lost Thoughts
A classy broad's life... with footnotes.
They fight! And bite! They fight and bite and miss their flight!
Guess who missed their plane yesterday! O_O

Mega-d'oh (d'oh!)

It was a nightmare. Paul and I had The Worst Fight Ever the night before.

It was SO STUPID. It was one of those fights where you can't even remember what the fight was originally about, because it was so stupid, so you turn it into a meta-fight, an argument about arguing.

What's even worse was that we were doing it all in front of Zack. Could we be worse examples? I think not.

We'd had a couple of Guinness, but literally only a couple, with dinner. So we didn't even have alcohol as an excuse.

Both of us were baffled by our behaviour until the next morning.

"Oh," he said, "it's my Mom's birthday."

We'd had a Stupidity Fight last year, at exactly this same time. Maybe, someday, we'll figure out why we argue on his Mom's birthday.

Forget the Ides of March. Beware the Ante Diem XV Kal. Mart.

We were supposed to leave at 4am. We didn't even wake up to finish packing until after that.

This is really very odd, and may be unrelated to the argument: Neither of us heard our alarms go off. WTF?

There was absolutely nothing available yesterday-- not at G'ville, not at Orlando, not at Tampa, and not at Jacksonville.

Paul managed to get a flight out today for just a $50 or $100 change fee. However, because Z's ticket and mine were skymiles fares, it would have cost $2700 to have all three of us leave today.

Uhm, no.

Next weekend is Easter weekend, and there are no flights available then, either.

So, the bad news is that we farked up bigtime, and we are The Worst Parents Ever.

The good news is that the guy at Delta was an absolute angel. We leave this Wednesday, and come back the following Tuesday. It cost less than $200 to change all the fares around-- and instead of having a long weekend, we're taking a real vacation. And we all laughed about the argument the next day, even after missing our flight.

I drove Paul to the airport today. I normally would have let him drive there, since I had to drive back (it's about a 90 minute drive), but he was in no state to drive. He was throwing a bigass temper tantrum before we left, throwing things around and basically just being impossible. He even tried baiting me into another argument, but I wasn't having any of it. He eventually calmed down.

"Why was I all psycho? I do this before every trip, don't I-- get all crazy and nutso, and then call you from the hotel, to tell you about how well I've done my job. Why? Why do I do this?"

"I figure it's your Native American heritage showing itself. You make a lot of noise the day before you leave, stamping your feet and howling, and then you go off on your raid, and return to count coup."

Makes sense to me.

In truth, though, I think his work is just getting to him. I hope this trip clears up a few things.

I really really really really really really really craved a smoke after we got to the airport. I had a massage (at Paul's recommendation) instead.

It was a great choice :)

I nearly cried, it was sooooo goooooood. It was ten minutes of pure heaven.

Thank you Debbie, Airport Masseuse.

Well, that's my story for today.

I'll have to catch up with comments later.

Hope you're all well and happy and pursuing your bliss :)

I'm feeling all kinds of: The Lone Parent!
What I hear: Hi-ho Xbox, away!

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pixiecup From: pixiecup Date: March 20th, 2005 02:13 pm (UTC) (permalink)
I had a dream about you last night. Well, you were in part of it. I was at your house after getting back from a long trip, and you were showing me your two incredibly smart (and fierce) birds. They were larger than parakeets, but looked like them, but you told me they had huge vocabularies, and could even read. You left the room for a minute after cutting your own hair while we talked, and one of them tried to attack me. I'll admit it...I swatted at it mid-flight and bonked it in the head. It was fine, but I left your house soon thereafter.

Sorry if this bored you, but I always feel obligated to tell someone when they were in a dream of mine. :)
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