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I bet it's even bigger in person

So we're kinda watching Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York (again) during dinner. Zack, as usual, is lusting over Petrucci's red pearlburst seven-string.

Zack: "Wait-- look, look-- there's a part up here where John Petrucci's guitar is just so... so... [insert drooling noises here]. Wait, here it comes-- oohh-- look at that! Isn't that HAWT?!!"

Paul: "You know, this John Petrucci thing is going a bit far. I'm a little concerned. I'm going to have to get him a Hooter's calendar and put it in his room or something. 'Ooh, John Petrucci. Ooh, look how BIG his guitar is, ooh, 24 frets-- it's sooo LONG, ooh, I just want to touch it.""


Zack: "I wonder what it'd look like with a strap on."

I'm SO glad I didn't have a mouth full of food at that point.

I love my family, oh yes I do.

As a side note, this marks the first time I've said "I'm so blogging this."

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