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The Powweb Saga Continues

So, yeah-- after the last two emails, I'd kinda lost hope of a coherent reply... but decided to try one last time.

I just tried sending this through your online support form, and it seems
that as of today, responses now go to the main billing email address
on file. Please reply to this address.

The first support case (40723951000195b56262) is closed, the second
(40723951000196278794) isn't even listed. The responses I've received,
while prompt, haven't offered any sort of understandable information
whatsoever, and the problem has not been resolved.

Please give me a simple update of the current status of this problem--
in complete English sentences-- and tell me what has been done, what
will be done, and/or what needs to be done by me to make it work.

This is a business site, and will have to be taken elsewhere if this
cannot be resolved quickly.


And they replied! They replied! They... replied in something almost resembling a complete English sentence (with just a touch of Winston A. for panache!):

Hello Carolyne,


a response later this afternoon and we apologize again for the delay.

Support Technician

Powweb Hosting, Inc.

*dies again*

OK, I'm supposed to be on a plane to Tennessee tomorrow morning after I give a 20-minute teleseminar on nutraceuticals by phone (the content of which hasn't actually been written-- or even fully determined-- yet). Oh, and I have to write a newsletter before I leave. In my sleep.

Maybe I should go!

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough :)

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