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Ketchup! Or is it Catsup?

Oh, I have SO MUCH to tell you!

Luckily, I've been writing it all down since Thursday before last!

And then I shut down my computer without saving Semagic!


Oh, well... let's see what I can remember, shall we?

Paul hates Valentine's day "Damned Hallmark Holiday!" he grumbles. He's just simply against it. And y'know, I can't blame him.

Anywho, despite his outrage, he scored major big awesome points this year.

He rented a room at a gorgeous little bed and breakfast. They had champagne, flowers and chocolate waiting for us in the room.

Then, glasses in hand, we went outside where he gave me my gift:

Photo of Photo of Photo of
Click on any image for 400 X 300 photo in new window :)

I haven't enhanced these photos in any way, other than to resize them.

So, yeah :)

So what it's not tangible. Some girls get the moon and the stars... I get the sun (and the son) :)

Then we got changed, got distracted, finished gettiing changed, and went to another B&B for a most sumptuous dinner. We started off with local catches: grouper chowder and fresh clams. I had scallops, shrimp, artichoke hearts and mushrooms in the most delicious sauce I think I've ever tasted.

The next day, we checked out the little antique and art shoppes. (He gets superpoints for that, too, since that activity falls somewhere between "cleaning the litterbox for the first time in ten days" and "watching reality TV" on his list of unfavourite things to do).

Photo of Paul
Click on image for 400 X 300 photo in new window

Then, on a lark (not a real lark) we took a detour and stopped by a winery.

This entry is already getting too long, so I'll come back to the winery and its fabulous ducks somethime this week :)

NOTE TO SELF: Write about B&B and Winery this week.

It was awesome. We bought a few bottles and headed home, with a stop on the way for a few pints o' Guinness

I had a little meltdown Thursday night. I told Paul it was because I felt like I was paying all the bills, doing all the laundry, shopping and cooking... and while those issues are valid, it's more because I'm in a rut. I'm still living out of boxes, and I'm not used to living with other people. I manically started going through everything in the bedroom and didn't go to sleep 'til 2a... even though I'd planned on going to bed extra-early.

I feel better about it today, in any case. We're going to spend a good portion of the weekend settling in.

Heheh. Obviously this was written before I wasted my weekend away!

As you may have inferred from the above, We didn't go to jam last night Thursday night. Z watched Harry Potter and P studied investment strategies. I, um, put stuff away. I do have a clip from the prior week's jam, though-- I'll try to post it later :)

Speaking of jammin'... the boys had two gigs this past weekend: at the local roller rink Friday night, and in Tallahassee on Saturday. I didn't go to the Saturday one-- it was just a 40 minute gig 2+ hours away, and I desperately wanted to clean the bathroom and my car (what is this obsession with cleaning lately?!)-- but the Friday one was a blast.

The boys ran late Friday... and as a result, we nearly didn't get to leave. Seems there was a $60/head rap concert following theirs-- T.I.** was playing.

Oh. My. Gawd. The parking lot was filled with spinny rims, outrageously painted cars, women with BRIGHT RED hair and outfits that really belonged in bad 80s porn. I really wish we could have stayed :)

We had our friends' kids with us... we lost the eight-year-old while we were leaving, so we sent in the eleven-year-old after him. Then we he didn't come back, we sent the fifteen-year-old (Z) after them. They all eventually came back.

Here's a pic of Z playing that night:

Photo of Zack
Click on image for 400 X 300 photo in new window

I'm not sure who took this photo. One of his friends-- perhaps it was Marc. Apologies for the copyright infringement!

I have a new favourite restaurant. It's a little Caribbean place around the corner. Remind me to take you there sometime :)

I got my ring Rhodiumized last week.

For those of you to lazy busy to click the link, rhodium plating is what makes white gold brilliantly white.

I had no idea how much it had tarnished over the past year, how much of the plating had worn off.

It looks brand spankin' new.

It cost ~$35 bucks. I'll probably have to do it once/year... but it's so worth it.

Paul and I met at the 30-somethings' bar around the corner for pints of Guinness Friday after work. I had just picked up my ring.

He slid $35 my way and asked "so, are we engaged now?"***

I declined to comment, and pocketed the cash.

Men. Can't live with 'em, can't... finish sentence as you see fit ;)

Later that night, he Z and I went to Gator Dockside, and then to Panama Joe's to play some pool. I drank waaaaaaaaaaaay too much Guinness *urp* and chatted long-distance with Michele for an hour or so. So much for getting up early on Saturday! D'oh!

I've been cooking a lot lately. Friday night, I made chicken, veggies (broccoli, lima beans edamame and carrots), and cheese tortelloni in a cheesy vodka sauce. It was nummy.

The night before I made cornbread and my taco schmaco pie. I never make it the same way twice... this one had layers of corn tortillas with sausage, onions, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, salsa, black beans, refried pinto beans, and lots and lots and lots of cheese between them. It's probably my favourite meal :) No jalapenos this time... last time, Paul suggested that I was trying to kill him.

The night before that I made... hm. Beef and veggie stir-fry, and rolls. Stir-fry isn't my favourite dish, but it came out OK.

And the night before that... oh, who cares really, right?

Oh, one thing, though-- I baked tollhouse cookies the other day, from scratch. I hereby declare that I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate my oven. By carefully adjusting the temperature down from what the recipe asks for, I can bake things... but I must remember to never, ever, put two cookie sheets side-by-side. They stop the heat from convecting, and I'll end up with severely burnt cookies in five minutes flat. One sheet at a time, honey, one sheet at a time...

My clan in KoL is really something else. In addition to having very active forums and clan chat, we just started a "radio station" (read: shoutcast). What a great bunch of people :)

In order to participate sometime, I've finally ordered a soundcard... with front inputs.

The sound I've been using up to now has been onboard (i.e., integrated into the motherboard). It's really not bad at all-- pretty stellar, actually! But to do any recording or voice broadcast online, I really need front input jacks.

I'd always planned on getting a soundcard someday, but never really felt the need to. However, I have a feeling that I'm going to be blown away by my choice: the Soundblaster 2 ZS Platinum, what with the speaker setup I've got and all.

Best of all, I got it with a $50 rebate and free shipping, making the final price under $125. Score!

Well, that's it for now. I'll try to catch up with the other things this week. Maybe by having my "fodder" all lined up for me, I can actually make several small updates during the week, instead of these monster things that inevitably get eaten and rewritten several times before I actually get to post them :)

Hope your lives are touched by joy**** happiness.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough.

* It wasn't until the next day that I realized that I'm allergic to shellfish. Dammit.
** Paul: "So, what's the big deal with this Texas Instruments guy? It just doesn't add up!"
*** Hahahah. Remember this entry? (Sorry, one of the very few that are protected, friends-only).
**** Joy, stop that!
& I'm going shopping. Yay!

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