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Fair Pianos Thing

Remember what I said yesterday about Renaissance vs. Medieval faires?

Well, ours had a Ratcatcher, a Domino's Pizza joint and a "Make Thy Own Candle" booth.

So, yeah >_<

However, they DID have a beer tent with Guinness, Harp, Bass, and mead, so I can't rightly complain, now, can I? ;D

I have photos, but no time atm to go through them and post. Perhaps another day... perhaps... perhaps... perhaps...

After I returned from the faire, P, Z & I had a nice dinner out and saw 2 Pianos, 4 Hands at the Hippodrome. It was awesome :)

I found it uplifting, depressing and thought-provoking, all the same time. Five stars!

At dinner last night, discussing The Guitar:

P: "Hey, Z, it probably wouldn't hurt to do that thing that you and I discussed."

Z: "What thing?

P: "You know, the Thing."

Z: "The Thing? What Thing?"

P: "Oh, maybe I didn't tell you. It was Dana's idea, actually!"

Knowing what he's about to suggest, I shake my head sadly and resume eating.

P: "You see, when you talk to Carolyne about the guitar, just slip in a 'mom,' by mistake, like 'I really love that guitar... mom... oops!' She'd melt into a puddle and you'd pretty much get anything you asked for."


Z: "Pfft. Mom's way too smart to fall for that!"

Good lord, I love that boy ;) If he doesn't pursue music professionally, he should consider comedy. He and his father, both.

Enough for now. My workday's done, and I'm going step away from the computer.

I'll catch up with yesterday's comments later. Hope you all are having a fantabulous day :)


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