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Phone Post:

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“Hi Livejournal! It's Ldy. I am just about to enter the Faire. Many communities are proud of their renaissance faires, which celebrate the renaissance: A time of growth-- unparalleled growth, really-- in the sciences and arts.

My community has a medieval faire.

The nuance of distinction is not lost on you.

I haven't actually been to this one, so it remains to be seen whether it's more medieval or renaissancific. But I'm looking forward to it!

I'm here by myself today. It turns out my family is not faire-folk. I, being faire-folk, had to come. It's kinda sunny out and I'm not wearing any sunblock, so I may not be faire-folk for long. But I'm looking forward to this and I'll tell you all about it tonight or tomorrow.

This is... really... boring. Um... I'm really sorry.

I will talk to you later.


Transcribed by: multiple users

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