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Zack Attack Thursday

On a Thursday, no less!

Last night was amazing. Zack did this crazy 15-minute improvisational solo that just. did. not. let. up.

I had a bit of trouble choosing just one minute to share (didn't want to have a ridiculously large file for you folks on dial-up), but here it is. My apologies for the quality of the recording.

still image of video
Click to watch the movie file (1 minute, 3.20 MB)

Or click here to download the file. (Standard Intel Indeo codec, should play on all systems.)

Fifteen minutes of that, all off the cuff. He was exhausted by the time he stopped.

Man, I love that kid somethin' fierce.

Zoooooooooooooooooooom-- we're off to lessons!

ADDENDUM: Z says his work here is "sloppy," and he needs to work on his "chops." Good thing we're going to lessons.

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