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Too weak, too rare, never!

I'm going to Nashville March 11 for the day.

I may be going to San Francisco March 18th for the weekend.

Sadly, this would preclude me from attending Arkanstock. But San Fran? With my sweetie and Dr. Ben? Maybe even with Zack if we can swing it?

Yeah :)

Speaking of Zack, I've gotten nothing done in the last hour two hours because we keep IMing (and drooling) over these:

There happens to be one on ebay atm... exactly the one we want, oddly enough...

Hey, what's this "we" stuff? I don't play guitar!! O_O

[17:12] Zman: WSAAAAAAAH
[17:12] Zman: MINE MINE MINE
[17:14] Zman: reserve at 1100$!
[17:14] Zman: I could so get that
[17:15] Zman: awwww damn
[17:15] Zman: people have already started bidding...
[17:15] LdyLemontini: It's already up to 1125, and there are AT LEAST two interested bidders watching this thing like a hawk.
[17:15] Zman: :-(...
[17:15] LdyLemontini: And it's only been listed for 21 hours.
[17:15] LdyLemontini: 144 hours to go...
[17:16] Zman: *sniffle*...
[17:16] Zman: :'(...
[17:16] Zman: I got excited
[17:16] Zman: argh
[17:16] LdyLemontini: I know, honey. It's gonna be OK. *rocks you gently, hand you a tissue*
[17:16] Zman: I definitley could have gotten AT THE BARE MINIMUM 900$
[17:16] LdyLemontini: *pat pat*
[17:16] Zman: if i was going to sell my current guitar
[17:16] Zman: and i have 120$ in pocket
[17:17] Zman: ROAR
[17:19] Zman: I hate people.
[17:19] Zman: lol
[17:19] LdyLemontini: Even used supremes go for a grand or more, if in good condition.
[17:19] LdyLemontini: NOT THAT YOU"RE SELLING YOURS>
[17:19] LdyLemontini: faslk;dla;k djfa kldfnakflawwlkjarfa
[17:19] Zman: lol
[17:20] LdyLemontini: Oh, hell. Aren't I supposed to be working?
[17:20] Zman: ha
[17:21] Zman: bu'...bu'...but but....bu'...
[17:22] LdyLemontini: YOU CAN FOLD TOWELS AS YOUR PENANCE FOR BLASPHEMY, CHILD. Preferably, after I've washed them.
[17:22] Zman: lol
[17:23] Zman: Zman: i got it for christmas from her and my dad
Zman: I don't think I can sell it
screennameivechangedhere: oh true...
screennameivechangedhere: but the other ones so pretty
[17:23] Zman: lol
[17:23] Zman: screennameivechangedhere: speaking from a lil' groupies point of view
[17:25] LdyLemontini: Heheheh!
[17:27] LdyLemontini: Oh, well, if it's going to impress the GIRLS, then that's DIFFERENT! (...not!)
[17:27] Zman: *relentless gracey crying*
[17:28] LdyLemontini: Oh, no! He's become the child from the condom commercial!
[17:28] Zman: lol
[17:28] LdyLemontini: Quick! Run away!
[17:28] Zman: great commercial
[17:28] LdyLemontini: Yeah

[18:11] Zman: http://www.johnpetrucci.com/images/equipment/jppedalboard.jpg
[18:11] *** Auto-response sent to Zman: I am currently away from the computer.
[18:11] Zman: ...
[18:11] Zman: I hate him...
[18:21] LdyLemontini: Ooooooooooooh
[18:21] Zman: ...
[18:21] Zman: it's j/ not fair...
[18:22] LdyLemontini: It's absolutely fair. And your pedal board will be bigger than his by the time you're his age, and you can go to his house or the rock 'n roll retirement home and laugh at him. OK?
[18:23] Zman: funny
[18:23] Zman: stephanie said the same thing
[18:24] Zman: :-D
[18:24] LdyLemontini: Well, laughing at an elderly John Petrucci is a fairly common dream.
[18:24] Zman: hahaha

We love the John Petrucci. Honest we do.

On a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT topic, I may have the... opportunity? to do some marketing work for the company that makes the "Clinical Orgasm Muscle Exerciser," or... COME for short.


Get this: the developing scientist's name is Dr. Stifter (teehee).

I am SO not making this up.

Heavens. They even have ecards. And free porn! And a faq which answers the burning question we've all been asking: "How do I clean C.O.M.E.?"

Infomercial, ho!

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